Live Like You’re Dying

Meaningless! Everything is meaningless! So declares the Preacher of Ecclesiastes. The translation of the Hebrew word hebel ("meaningless") is debated among commentators and determined largely by translators' views of the mood and message of the book as a whole. But the word isn't as conclusive in its meaning as "meaningless" might suggest. If all of life … Continue reading Live Like You’re Dying


High Enough

The Gray Havens have done it again! They continue to prove themselves to be one of my favorite artists. With excellence, creativity, and biblical fidelity they tackle subjects untouched by mainstream contemporary Christian music. In their latest single, "High Enough," the husband and wife duo, with the help of Propaganda, capture the hubris and frustration … Continue reading High Enough

20 Quotes from A Praying Life

In A Praying Life, Paul Miller writes, "Oddly enough, many people struggle to learn how to pray because they are focusing on praying, not on God.... Consequently, prayer is not the center of this book. Getting to know a person, God, is the center" (20). While offering relatively little concerning the practical mechanics of prayer, Miller encourages readers … Continue reading 20 Quotes from A Praying Life

Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets, God! – 59

The psalmists are well known for their evocative poetry and impassioned pleas. They consistently push us to reexamine how we worship and pray; fundamentally, how we speak to God, giving us (God-authorized) language to do so. While I was reading Psalm 74 the other day, verse 11 particularly stood out to me. It reads, "Why do you hold … Continue reading Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets, God! – 59

The Shallows: An Ankle-Deep Review – 58

Nicholas Carr is a first-rate writer, and The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2011) demonstrates his skills. Lucid and informed with crystalizing turns of phrase, his style is easy, enlightening, and enjoyable to read. It's no surprise this book earned him a finalist's spot for the Pulitzer … Continue reading The Shallows: An Ankle-Deep Review – 58