The Discipline of Discourse

Here I am with another platform to spew what I think about stuff. Forget Twitter, it’s too restrictive (140 characters, seriously?). Forget Instagram, sometimes a picture is only worth one word. I’ll still utilize Facebook, but that is best for shorter, happier, more mundane posts.

Once again I’m going to attempt to regularly put down and put out my thoughts. My goal is two-fold. First, become a more disciplined, more articulate, and more persuasive writer/communicator. Second, open myself up to dialogue with all of YOU. Hopefully, those two things can happen simultaneously in a respectful manner while remaining probing and insightful.

I’ll be transferring some of my older posts to build up the inventory here. Forgive me, if some of them sound lame or are poorly written – it’s been a while. But read up, reflect, and enjoy. And don’t forget to let me know what you think.

Cheers. Jon


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