Enough. That’s what Brett Baier tweeted after Donald Trump continued his juvenile feud with Megyn Kelly on Friday. And that is all that needs to be said.

Check out the story here: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/03/19/fox-news-responds-to-trumps-attacks-on-megyn-kelly.html

But, please, permit me to rant anyway.

This is truly disturbing.

1) Trump has again and again attacked Megyn since last summer! Dude, give it up! I mean seriously, how long is this supposed to go on? Even ‘frenemies’ don’t stay enemies this long. Is it going to continue if/when he’s president? Or is he just going to “open up” the libel laws, so that no one can challenge him anymore?

2) Can a man with such thin skin and childish sensitivity be Commander in Chief? What’s he going to do when world leaders, or even the likes of ISIS, begin standing up to him? Send out a tweet? Shake his fist? Rattle off a few insults? Or worse yet, can you imagine his finger on the button every time he has a spat with Putin?!? He can call it “just politics” if he likes. But what it really is, is an adolescent sense of insecurity and a sophomoric showcase of strength. Trump is like a schoolyard bully who dons his varsity jacket and blue jeans, in order to cover up his pencil-thin arms and chicken legs. This is not becoming of a president.

3) This kind of attacking is the same kind of intolerant tolerance and anti-free speech free speech that the left and others propagate. Think about it. Donald doesn’t appreciate Meygn’s questions, so he calls her names (like “bimbo”) and insults her (even implying she was menstruating). He feels like she’s against him, so he discredits her and calls for people to boycott her show. He doesn’t agree with what she has to say, so he tries to silence her, or at least prevent people from listening to her. Sort of sounds like Trump’s protesters, doesn’t it? Hmm, I wonder where they learned it from.

4) This is one of the deepest problems with Trump: underneath the facade of ‘strength’ that Donald presents is an impulsive toddler trapped in a 70 year-old’s body, who has no regard for civil discourse. The biggest reason Republicans who have attacked Trump have fallen out of the race is not because what they said wasn’t true, it’s because Donald hit back harder. They shot spitballs at him, and he returned fire with a AK-47. To quote him, “When they’re nasty, I have to be nasty back.” What do you mean, “I have to”? Like someone’s holding a gun to your head “have to”? Or that’s just the way you were born “have to”? Or the way a two year-old says, “Mine,” when you take her toy away “have to”?  C’mon, that excuse wouldn’t pass at home when you were five. Neither would it pass on the playground or in a university classroom. It wouldn’t even pass in a therapy session! Yet this guy remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination!!

But here’s the really sad kicker (which largely explains why he’s the front-runner): that kind of exchange is entertaining to us – the American people, who are actually going to elect someone to be our president in a few months! We eat it up! We’re so consumed by the persona and passion of the pop-culture icon, “The Donald”, that we sit at the edge of our seats just waiting for the next opportunity to slap our knee and again fall down laughing at the great show he’s putting on. This primary season has turned into a circus, and Donald Trump is the ringmaster.

Enough. Enough. Enough!

We must be better, America. And we must demand better from our (potential) leaders.




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