While you were sleeping

Here’s a quick thought.

Do you ever wonder what happens while you’re sleeping? I’ll tell you one thing: while you’re sleeping, God isn’t – in fact, he never does. Instead, he’s at work keeping you alive (not to mention upholding the rest of the universe), and his activity is the ultimate reason why you woke up this morning.

Take a look at Psalm 3, particularly verse 5. There David writes, “I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.” Think about that for a moment.

The idea of God sustaining David (or you and me) certainly implies a measure of protection from the context of the psalm. While we’re asleep God keeps watch like a member of the imperial guard with eyes piercing through the black of night, ready to battle at the first sign of trouble – such that even if ten thousand enemies surrounded us, we would have no reason to fear (v6).

Beyond protection, there’s a sense of the tenderness of God as he looks down upon us like a father stands beside the crib of his newborn child. There’s also a sense of his providential power that, in and through and over the mechanics of biology, holds together the cells of our body and fabric of our souls as we catch some “Z’s”.

From this verse we can also infer something about God’s sovereign purpose for your life and mine. What I mean is: if he sustained you through the night, then he’s got something in store for you today. So long as the Lord sustains you in this life, he has a purpose for you to fulfill.

Take this to heart today: while you were sleeping, God was at work. Which means, if you woke up this morning, then he’s got work for you to do. Now, get after it.


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