A Birthday Reflection

Another year is gone, and another year has come.

The older I get the more I see the wisdom of Ecclesiastes. The book is usually thought to have a pessimistic and cranky outlook on life. But I think this is mistaken. The author of Ecclesiastes is a realist, and sometimes the truth hurts. But it also heals.

Ecclesiastes deals with the questions that nag our souls and the issues that we can’t resolve. It acknowledges that these are pretty tough, if not impossible, to wrap up neatly in a bow – hence, one of the motifs of the book, “striving after the wind.”

Ecclesiastes knows life is hard, tortuously cyclical, and at times seemingly futile. But it also knows life is a precious gift, a divine blessing, and full of everyday joys. We work, eat, sleep; repeat. The sun comes up and goes back down, and does it again the next day. Good and evil befall the righteous and the unrighteous. But in the midst of all this there are God-given pleasures to be enjoyed: family, food, work, and all the “just enough’s” of life.

The fact is the world of Ecclesiastes is the world we live in. It’s a good world, but a broken one. That’s why God has a plan to put it back together in Christ (Eph. 1:9-10). Though it might feel like nothing matters under the sun, with God everything matters: every day, every act, every moment.

Make’em count.


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