Fallacy vs. Necessity

I've heard a lot this year about ad hominem fallacies, negative campaigns, and personal attacks. The country really wants to hear about the issues and the candidates' solutions (at least, that's what we tell ourselves). And instead, the focus remains in the gutter. Now, there's nothing wrong with our displeasure towards the current status of political discourse in America. But, lest we … Continue reading Fallacy vs. Necessity


Déjà vu, 1992.

Twenty years ago, Republicans, especially conservatives, were incensed at the Democratic Nominee’s (Bill Clinton) immoralities, because character matters. Twenty years later, Democrats are outraged at the Republican Nominee’s (Donald Trump) immoralities, because character matters. Yet, in each case, (some) people from the party of the offending candidate sought to assuage the consciences of those offended by their candidate’s … Continue reading Déjà vu, 1992.