Déjà vu, 1992.

Twenty years ago, Republicans, especially conservatives, were incensed at the Democratic Nominee’s (Bill Clinton) immoralities, because character matters. Twenty years later, Democrats are outraged at the Republican Nominee’s (Donald Trump) immoralities, because character matters.

Yet, in each case, (some) people from the party of the offending candidate sought to assuage the consciences of those offended by their candidate’s behavior, as though character wasn’t a factor in electing a president.

My, oh my, how the tables have turned. Déjà vu, 1992.

Everybody cares about character until it hurts their candidate’s electability. Nobody cares about character until it hurts the opposing candidate’s electability.

Does character matter to you? If you answer ‘no’, keep your moral objections to yourself; because, by your own admission, they’re irrelevant. If you answer ‘yes’, you better be consistent in applying your moral standards to all candidates.


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