Tiny Habits – 2

This afternoon I watched this TED talk from BJ Fogg on ‘tiny habits’. Ironically, I’m attempting a not so tiny habit by trying to write everyday.

Nevertheless, his concept basically boils down to this, “After I ____, I will ____.” Just fill in the sentence: first, with something you do everyday, and second, with your new tiny habit.

For me, the genius of this concept is utilizing daily habits you already have as triggers for new habits you’d like to start. By doing so, you eliminate the need for a forced daily reminder, such as an alarm on your phone. Instead, there is an organic, planned-yet-spontaneous atmosphere for your new habit to blossom.

The utility and versatility of such a concept is immediately recognizable. The potential triggers and new habits are seemingly endless. And you can easily compound or grow your tiny habit as well (e.g. as in his example, performing more and more push ups over time).

I’ve already adopted his trigger to work on my squat mobility, by performing a 30 second bodyweight squat after the fact. And I hope to grow this 30 seconds into several minutes.

What goals do you have for the coming year? You may need to break down those goals into smaller, attainable pieces (i.e. tiny habits), but maybe you can utilize this concept to help you achieve them.


One thought on “Tiny Habits – 2

  1. Thank you, Jon. Use already in place triggers to prompt desired actions. One that we try to work into our kids is: brush your teeth after every meal. I like it.


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