Train Station – 4

And he shouted, “You, come follow me // I’ll buy your tickets and I’ll pay your fees // ‘Cause I know what you cost // Believe me, without this train you will be lost.”

So goes the chorus of the song “Train Station” by The Gray Havens, a Christian pop-folk band quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

What I like so much about this song, and several others, is the way in which it recasts biblical themes in new images. In a very C.S. Lewis like way the band is able to beautifully and imaginatively present a ‘biblical’ story without using the Bible.

And more than that, their music has a wonderful habit of planting in you a longing sense of awe that is hard to track to it’s root, yet reaches out in hope of better things to come. It’s that ‘too good to be true’ kind of feeling, when it really is true. And so it is with a train conductor who shouted, “You, come follow me.”

You can find more from The Gray Havens here and a recording of “Train Station” here (for the full lyrics click here).


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