Michigan-bound – 5

My bags are packed, my phone is filled with podcasts, music, and audiobooks, and my gas tank is full. Tomorrow, I’ll be spending about 11 hours in the car on my way to Michigan to visit my college roommate for the next several days.

I hope to keep posts up to date here; but if I don’t, now you know why. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, reading for hours on end, and disconnecting from Facebook to name a few things. Seeing Lake Michigan will also be a treat.

Going on this mini adventure got me thinking about time off. God clearly thinks humans need periods of rest (Mark 2:27). Not only did he give the Jews one day in seven, but there were numerous feasts and festivals throughout the calendar year. These were times to break from the regular grind and to worship, reflect, and rest.

I’m not going to rehash the Christian Sabbath debate here, but it seems to me that a principle of rest remains for New Testament believers. But if you want to contest even that, then at least accept that even the busy, type-A, go-getter, never say ‘no’ Apostle Paul took time to recharge and enjoy the company of others.

In the closing of his letter to the Romans, Paul appealed to them to pray, in order that “by God’s will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company” (15:32). He didn’t even know how long he would stay; he would leave, “once I have enjoyed your company for a while” (15:24). That sounds an awful lot like an indefinite vacation to me.

For the next few days, I’m taking a page out of Paul’s playbook (though I do have a set departure date). Hopefully you can do the same, at least for the weekend.


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