Forces of Nature and Nature’s God – 6

Today, I went to see Lake Michigan. I’m sure it’s a beautiful sight in the radiant warmth of summer. But in the face-numbing chill of winter – boy, I’ll tell you what – it’s just as amazing.

The fierce combination of forces: wind, water, and COLD, forge an icy tundra. As the waves crash against the icy cliffs along the shoreline, the remaining landscape resembles a thousand moments frozen in time.

The power and serenity of this scene creates a surreal experience that compels your eyes and heart heavenward. The God, who made all this, makes himself known through his creation, though as a glimpse through a peephole.

And then there was this on the way home: a pathway through a winter wonderland (a.k.a. the way home; yes, that’s a road). For a moment, I wondered if I had entered Narnia.20170109_winter-wonderland

This afternoon I was reminded of the wonder of nature and the God who shaped it into existence with his creative and powerful word. Through the splendor of what he’s made God reaches out to us still today, saying, “Come, and see.”


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