See the Glory – 17

Steven Curtis Chapman was one of my favorite musicians growing up. I remember getting his “Declaration” CD from my grandmother in middle school. For weeks I listened to that CD everyday. To this day, I can still sing along with (almost) every song.

One of my favorite songs from the album was “See the Glory”. It’s a song about how we often get caught up focusing on silly, meaningless, and trivial things in life. Whether it’s the glory of God displayed in creation or the gospel of his grace, somehow we content ourselves with lesser things. What our eyes should be wide open to, what ought to ignite our imagination and excite our affections, just seems to go unnoticed.

In very C.S. Lewis-like fashion, the chorus goes:

I’m playing Gameboy sitting in the middle of the Grand Canyon // I’m eating candy sitting at a gourmet feast // I’m wading in a puddle when I could be swimming in the ocean // Tell me what’s the deal with me // Wake up and see the glory

Take a listen (click here). And see His glory today.


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