Change My Heart, O God – 26

Growing up, there was a worship song we learned as kids called “Change my heart, O God.” It was a simple song with a simple prayer, that God would make us more like himself. Perhaps you know it?

Over the years, I have written some worship songs myself – though I’ve never made them very public. They have served primarily a personal function in my own spiritual growth and devotional life. I’ve found much enjoyment through both writing and putting the words to music. In fact, I’ve learned a lot about God, but even more about myself, in the process. Though these songs are the confessions and praises of my heart, they also speak to my heart messages of hope, grace, and redemption.

One of these songs I entitled by the same name as the song I learned years ago as a kid – though the words are quite different. “Change my heart, O God” is not just the name, but the central theme and petition of this song. Maybe some day I’ll upload the music or sing this in a church setting, but for now here are the words.

If you know your Bible well, you’ll notice several allusions to various passages of Scripture. I’ll note just one that you can reflect on further today, Psalm 51:10 – which, I should add, is really the biblical spine of the entire song. May these words guide you in prayer and worship.

(Verse 1) Change my heart, O God, to taste / the sweetness of your grace // Let your gospel pierce my heart / by your Spirit’s power

(Verse 2) Change my heart, O God, to hate / the sin that abides in me // Break the chains of sin that bind / my soul to unbelief

(Verse 3) Change my heart, O God, to love / as you have loved the world // As your Son, Messiah / gave himself for me

(Chorus) Your heart pours forth unending love / Out of my heart come evil things / Change my heart, oh God // Create in me, in purity / A clean heart that seeks your face / Change my heart, oh God

(Bridge) Let me hunger for your word / as my daily bread // For man does not live by bread alone / but your every word


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