Brodo or Bro-don’t? – 31

So I’m about a year and little bit late, but I’m trying out 2015’s health-food craze, bone broth (a.k.a. brodo).

brothA mixture of animal bones, vegetables, and herbs roasted and simmered for hours – this trendy food item is alleged to have all sorts of health benefits: from anti-inflammation to joint and digestive health. While the scientific evidence is a bit lacking, anecdotal evidence gives it high marks.

Well, the proof is in the puddin’ – so, I’m grabbing a glass.

broth-mugIf you’re going to give this stuff a try, take two pieces of advice that I quickly learned from my first batch: 1) don’t add too much additional water (if any) while simmering – you’ll end up having to reduce the broth afterwards, and 2) season liberally – semi-flavorless bone-water is not very appetizing.

I’ll let you know my thoughts someday soon. Until then, enjoy!


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