Reformation History For Free – 35

Check out this free course by Carl Trueman on the Reformation. I’ve started watching the first couple sessions, and I’m loving it. Trueman has such a passion for history and a great way of communicating it.

One of things I especially like about Trueman thus far is that he really wants to understand the context of historical persons: socially, economically, politically, religiously, etc. For, as he articulates, people don’t act in a vacuum; humans are complicated beings, who make decisions amidst a matrix of circumstances. Trueman knows that to accurately understand history we must deal with not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’. Hence, a favorite saying of his, “Certain social and economic conditions must apply.”

You can find all the sessions on Youtube, but Justin Taylor has kindly done the work of collecting them (along with a the course syllabus) for you here:



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