The ‘Bathroom Debate’ Isn’t Going Anywhere – 38

While watching this exchange play out on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday, I was squirming in my seat. I felt I had to say something.

Unbeknownst to me, Joe Carter must have been thinking similarly. On Saturday morning he published an article on The Gospel Coalition that said the very kinds of things I wanted to say about the ‘bathroom debate’. I encourage you to read his article here:

In light of that I’ll just make two quick points. First, the bathroom laws debate is only the symptom of larger issues. Choosing which bathroom is appropriate for so-called transgendered children is merely the result of a much deeper controversy about the nature of personhood and sexuality (along with several other considerations – e.g. child protection). And deeper than that are metaphysical questions of reality and objective standards, which everyone knows are not ‘settled’ in American society.

Second, this controversy has been boiling away in our culture for many years. The transgender phenomena, however, has only been introduced into the mainstream discussion in recent years. And thus, like so many other elements of society to have emerged in the last several years, American culture is still figuring out what to think about and how to handle so-called transgenderism.

For these two reasons, the bathroom debate (and the undergirding controversies) is here to stay for the foreseeable future. As such, Christians would serve themselves well by doing some intentional investigation into the topic before speaking out reactively.


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