A New Page – 39

If you look across the top of my blog, you’ll notice a new page “Beliefs and Papers“. I created this page for two main reasons. First, a few weeks ago a pastor in the area told me about how he created a personal website where he posted material on his views concerning doctrine and ministry, which helped him a bunch during the hiring process. Second, in my ongoing search for a call to pastoral ministry I was asked by one church to provide a personal doctrinal statement.

Together, these two reasons lead me to create the new page, which includes a personal doctrinal statement, as well as some other papers I’ve written over the years – these give some insight into my writing/communication style and views of the respective topics.

I found the exercise of putting to paper what I believe in a concise manner to be quite healthy. Sifting through what beliefs/convictions should make the cut and deciding which tier of doctrine to put them in (foundational/primary vs. personal/secondary, etc.) was a clarifying process. No doubt, what I wrote is neither perfect nor exhaustive. Unlike historic confessions of years ago, I chose not to tediously include “everything” – though I very much appreciate the confessions for that reason, i.e. their comprehensiveness.

What would your personal doctrinal statement look like? Take some time today or the over the next few days to think about 1) what do you believe are the core teachings of the Bible and 2) what are some very significant biblical convictions you have. If you have the time, try putting these things to paper. You can see what I wrote here. I’d love to hear what you came up with.


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