Rare Form…A New Norm? – 40

It’s no mystery that I’ve been a critic of Donald Trump for quite some time. But last night there was little cause for criticism. The speech he issued was, as many have said, the best he’s ever given, hands down. Sure, people can argue the merits of his proposals, but his sober tone, his optimism, his positive vision, his reaching out to both sides, his staying on message (can you believe it!) – all of these things were on full display last night.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for those who oppose him to ‘resist’ at every opportunity, while simultaneously not looking petty. This is one of the most shocking things about his presidency thus far. Last night, for example, the Republicans actually looked like the adults in the room. Between Nancy Pelosi shaking her head at the President’s calls for bipartisan efforts, the white pantsuit clad Congresswomen giving the President a thumbs down, and the audible groaning among Dems at the President’s creation of a program for victims of crime – it seemed more like the Democrats were judging their classmates in a grade school talent show than listening to a Presidential address.

Now, with all the good that happened last night and that which will (hopefully) come from it, we can’t overlook the fact that the President has had similar moments. Throughout the campaign we witnessed him have some great days, even weeks, from a PR standpoint, and each of these were heralded as the “pivot” to a more presidential Donald Trump. Yet, without fail, then candidate Trump would return to his old ways, taking to Twitter and tackling an opponent into the mud.

While I’m not confident that the President will maintain the demeanor he showed last night, I was happy to see it shine through for the evening. Much to his credit he was in rare form, and one can only hope that such rare form becomes the new norm.


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