One Year Ago – 48

WordPress alerted me that one year ago today I started this blog. Congrats to me! And thank you for following along. In celebration, I thought I would highlight just a few of my favorite posts (in no particular order).

1. A Rhetorical Analysis of Donald Trump’s Campaign
This is more the people’s champion than my personal favorite. Nevertheless, it has garnered twice as many views as the rest of my posts combined. And no, I don’t doubt for a second that statistic has more to do with the name of the man in the title than my own.

2/3. While the Wind and Waves Worshiped and A Crack Rang Out
These two were inspired by biblical passages and display a bit of my artistic side, especially the former. Each provided a fun and illuminating opportunity to re-imagine the biblical text in creative – albeit, I hope, faithful – ways.

4. 4 Ways the Presidential Election Encourages Me
In many ways, this post summarized my thoughts on a year and a half long election season and counterbalanced these by turning them Godward. Without exploring how the election pointed me to Christ, it would have brought much more despair.

5. A Birthday Reflection
This post rings just as true today as the day I wrote it. Taking a wide-angle look at Ecclesiastes and its view of life, I summed up how I’m learning some of what “the Preacher” taught many years ago.

I’d be interested to hear which, if any, posts you liked or had a particular impact on you.

Here’s to another year of writing (and reading): to inform, inspire, and invite!


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