3 Months Out – 49

Friday marked 3 months since my graduation in December. It seems like just yesterday I was walking the aisle for the second time at Cairn U. As they say: the days are long, but the years/months are short. And such has been my experience since graduating from seminary. Here’s just a brief update on what’s transpired in my life since December.

The last three months divide nicely into the first month and the later two. During my first month out of school I took some time off, detaching from academics, deadlines, and related responsibilities. As a close friend told me, “Jon you’re going to work the rest of your life. Take your time, and enjoy it.” I took his advice and did my best to not think about the upcoming months and transition into life outside of school. I enjoyed the holiday season and began the new year by doing some traveling and catching up with old friends. 

Returning to normal life, the last two months included some welcomed changes. First, after a bit of a hiatus from regular church involvement, I jumped back into serving in the youth ministry at LFC. I’m looking forward to helping out, while I prepare for what God has planned for me one day at a time. Second, I became a contributing writer for The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals on their website Place For Truth. My first series of articles was published last month (you can find them here: part 1, part 2, part 3).

Other happenings over the last two months include working part-time and accepting several opportunities to preach. These pulpit supply opportunities are always a blessing to me (and I pray to the congregation as well!) and are a great encouragement as I look forward to pastoral ministry. Additionally, I’ve been able to do some reading, particularly on America’s founding and Christianity’s relationship to it. It has been most interesting to observe parallels between the Revolutionary era and the tumultuous and tense political culture we are in today.

Perhaps most notable is my continuing search for a call to pastoral ministry. Right now, I have several résumés out to churches across the Midwestern and Eastern States, from North Dakota to South Carolina. God is teaching me the virtue of patience and waiting upon him, as the speed of the search process in each church is out of my hands. And though it may be slower than I would like, God is faithful in the waiting; and I am seeking to be faithful too.

Well, that’s a taste of my life since graduation in December. I appreciate the prayers of many of you who have followed me here. And I pray God’s blessing on you as well.


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