High Enough

The Gray Havens have done it again! They continue to prove themselves to be one of my favorite artists. With excellence, creativity, and biblical fidelity they tackle subjects untouched by mainstream contemporary Christian music.

In their latest single, “High Enough,” the husband and wife duo, with the help of Propaganda, capture the hubris and frustration of our fallen human condition. Blending themes from Eden to Babel – with perhaps a sprinkling of the legend of Icarus, the lyrics resound with truth in glowing images. The song succeeds musically as well. The melodic percussion, suspenseful and dreamy strings, and timely bells create the feeling as though you’re being guiding through the bright and bustling streets of ancient Babylon itself.

My favorite line in the song is at the close of the first verse, which says, “It’s a worn out tragedy/And though history won’t repeat/We’re still living in the rhyme.” With these words the song captures the uniqueness and ubiquity of the sin of Adam and Eve. While that first sin stands alone in it’s worldwide consequence and theological significance, and though no one else has with one act plunged creation into such ruin, day to day we imitate our first parents. As we climb high and test our wings, attempting to assume the place of God, we do so believing the same lies they did.

The bridge, further, captures the false promise of liberation that sin offers, namely, that we’ll be as free as a bird in the sky. But soon enough we find the laws of aerodynamics (or of God) kick in; and like Wile E. Coyote running off the edge of a cliff we come to a screeching, unsatisfying halt, reminded of our place in the universe.

Take a listen. Reflect on these truths. And if you feel like a bird in the sky, flap your wings and fly to Jesus, because only in him is true freedom found.


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