Live Like You’re Dying

Meaningless! Everything is meaningless! So declares the Preacher of Ecclesiastes. The translation of the Hebrew word hebel ("meaningless") is debated among commentators and determined largely by translators' views of the mood and message of the book as a whole. But the word isn't as conclusive in its meaning as "meaningless" might suggest. If all of life … Continue reading Live Like You’re Dying


Does God Change?

The following passage from James Dolezal's All That is in God has been pecking away at my brain like a woodpecker at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning for the last month. It encapsulates the main thrust of what I took away from reading Dolezal's book, and I find it to be a linchpin, in that … Continue reading Does God Change?

Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets, God! – 59

The psalmists are well known for their evocative poetry and impassioned pleas. They consistently push us to reexamine how we worship and pray; fundamentally, how we speak to God, giving us (God-authorized) language to do so. While I was reading Psalm 74 the other day, verse 11 particularly stood out to me. It reads, "Why do you hold … Continue reading Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets, God! – 59

Daniel 1 – 56

Daniel chapter 1 introduces the book, its message, and its major themes in intriguing ways, drawing the reader into its story, prophecy, and application. One way it does this, quite profoundly, is by inclusio (i.e. placing similar material at the beginning and end of a passage/text). As Goldingay explains, "Thus the chapter opens with Nebuchadnezzar but closes … Continue reading Daniel 1 – 56

The Path of Least Resistance: An Eroded Conscience – 55

Some weeks ago I visited a men's Bible study, and as we were talking the pastor said something that stuck with me. To paraphrase, he said, "When we sin, we only get better at sinning." His point was over time sin erodes our conscience with the result that sinning becomes easier. To put it another way, giving in … Continue reading The Path of Least Resistance: An Eroded Conscience – 55

Introductory Thoughts on Daniel – 53

In seminary I realized that my personal library was lacking in an important area for any minister of God's word, that is, biblical commentaries. Gratefully, I was able to use some graduation gifts to (partially) remedy this problem. One commentary I purchased was John Goldingay's on the book of Daniel. I started reading through it in conjunction with … Continue reading Introductory Thoughts on Daniel – 53

The Pride of “Holiness” – 43

Last Friday, I mentioned I'd be preaching on Luke 18:9-14, the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. One of the threads of application I spun out from the passage was concerning pride, particularly of the religious sort as displayed by the Pharisee. In contrast to the tax collector, the Pharisee appears to have no awareness of his sin … Continue reading The Pride of “Holiness” – 43