20 Quotes from A Praying Life

In A Praying Life, Paul Miller writes, "Oddly enough, many people struggle to learn how to pray because they are focusing on praying, not on God.... Consequently, prayer is not the center of this book. Getting to know a person, God, is the center" (20). While offering relatively little concerning the practical mechanics of prayer, Miller encourages readers … Continue reading 20 Quotes from A Praying Life


To Camp Spofford

Today marks four months since I've been working at Camp Spofford. So, I thought I'd share a little story... Scrubbing the remains of oatmeal, as it clings and clumps and sticks and 'plops' into the sink, is no fun. Yet there I was - a college grad with a Masters degree, ready and able to … Continue reading To Camp Spofford

Daniel 1 – 56

Daniel chapter 1 introduces the book, its message, and its major themes in intriguing ways, drawing the reader into its story, prophecy, and application. One way it does this, quite profoundly, is by inclusio (i.e. placing similar material at the beginning and end of a passage/text). As Goldingay explains, "Thus the chapter opens with Nebuchadnezzar but closes … Continue reading Daniel 1 – 56

The Path of Least Resistance: An Eroded Conscience – 55

Some weeks ago I visited a men's Bible study, and as we were talking the pastor said something that stuck with me. To paraphrase, he said, "When we sin, we only get better at sinning." His point was over time sin erodes our conscience with the result that sinning becomes easier. To put it another way, giving in … Continue reading The Path of Least Resistance: An Eroded Conscience – 55