My goals for this blog are pretty simple: to inform, to inspire, and to invite.

Now, what exactly does that mean? In my homiletics courses we talked about a threefold target in preaching: head, heart, and hands. That is, you aim to reason with the mind, affect the emotions, and move the will to action. This threefold paradigm reflects the meaning of inform, inspire, and invite.

In other words, what I want to do through this blog is, firstly, to inform you – this is the head element. I hope to offer perspectives you haven’t heard before, raise questions you haven’t considered before, present facts you haven’t figured before; and, of course, remind you of all that which you already know but easily forget. While I don’t merely want to information dump, there may be some of that; but mainly I want to engage your mind with thought-provoking, illuminating, and winsome ideas.

Secondly, I want to inspire you – this is the heart element. I want to lift your gaze to the see the beauty of God’s works in creation and providence, and to warm your heart with hope of better things yet to come and love that will not let you go. Yet, I do intend to present material that evokes the whole spectrum of emotional responses: anger, celebration, mourning, gladness, melancholy, and so on. In a culture that seems to increasingly react in the extreme, as though everything is either the best thing ever or the end of the world, I hope to inject some sanity, balance, and humanity back into our emotional life.

Thirdly, I want to invite you – this is the hands element. What good is anything I write, if it goes in one ear and out the other (or, I guess, through the eye to the brain…you know what I mean)? Truth is meant to be spread; hope is meant to be given; love is meant to be shared – and all of these to the goal of transformation, to effect change. I want to invite you to live with eyes, heart, and arms wide open. I want to invite you – for the glory of God and the good of man (yourself included) – to think hard, love deep, and live well.

That’s my prayer for this blog. And that’s what I mean by: Inform.Inspire.Invite.