Introductory Thoughts on Daniel – 53

In seminary I realized that my personal library was lacking in an important area for any minister of God's word, that is, biblical commentaries. Gratefully, I was able to use some graduation gifts to (partially) remedy this problem. One commentary I purchased was John Goldingay's on the book of Daniel. I started reading through it in conjunction with … Continue reading Introductory Thoughts on Daniel – 53


Inform.Inspire.Invite – 52

I finally have something written up for my page "Inform.Inspire.Invite." You can check it out here or read on below. My goals for this blog are pretty simple: to inform, to inspire, and to invite. Now, what exactly does that mean? In my homiletics courses we talked about a threefold target in preaching: head, heart, and hands. That … Continue reading Inform.Inspire.Invite – 52

Far Kingdom – 44

"Far Kingdom" by The Gray Havens is one of those songs that fills me with longing for the eternal kingdom, the celestial city, whose designer and builder is God. With richly biblical images the song resonates within my soul at a frequency of deep gladness, illumining the prospects of the new heavens and earth. Take a listen. Verse1: There is … Continue reading Far Kingdom – 44